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  • Your entity's contract is with Little Images School Photography, hereinafter referred to as MSP.  The submission of a completed booking form (or re-booking form), or a booking made in writing or by electronic means, signifies your understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

    1. Bookings and re-bookings
      Your entity's booking becomes effective upon signing and/or transmission of your rebooking form, or by confirming a booking by written or electronic means. Your booking is final and binding.  All bookings will be acknowledged in writing by the issue of a 'courtesy reminder' calendar at the beginning of each calendar year.  Receipt of your booking/re-booking may or may not be acknowledged by MSP prior to the issue of your calendar.
    2. Cancellation by the Client
      A request for cancellation must be made in writing (fax transmission or email is acceptable) to the Little Images School Photography office for approval.  Cancellation fees may apply and may vary depending on timeframes of notice.  MSP is not liable, for communication breakdowns, perceived or otherwise, or mismanagement internal or external to MSP that results in your entity double booking photography service providers.
    3. Cancellation by MSP
      If MSP has to cancel because of circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to accidents, travel delays, weather, strikes, war or civil disturbance, then alternative dates will be negotiated with your entity.  MSP will make every endeavour to work in with your entity's needs, however practicalities and scheduling conflicts may prevent a 100% mutually compatible outcome.  No liability will be accepted by MSP for expenses or outcomes associated with such cancellation.
    4. Insurance
      MSP is insured against accident, third party liability and personal injury due to negligence by MSP.  However, MSP recommends your entity practices its own due diligence and takes it own precautions against perils for which your entity may wish to seek redress.